Providing Counseling, Therapy, & Psychological Services

Meridian Behavioral Health is an outpatient mental health clinic based out of McHenry, Illinois but also offering services in Woodstock and Chicago. It was founded in April 2010 and has grown to include many full time therapists and psychologists and a full time administrative staff.

Meridian Behavioral Health provides specialized therapy services for children, teens and adults. Our clinicians work with all ages, and provide therapy and diagnostic testing services for a wide range of issues. Our staff is comprised of a multidisciplinary team, including counselors, therapists, and psychologists as well as a Registered Dietitian Nutrionist. We work as an inter-disciplinary team, bringing a diverse set of professional experience to the treatment process.

Our Agency’s Goals

Meridian Behavioral Health was founded to be a community of mental health professionals that fosters the kind of work environment that attracts quality clinicians. Our family approach to our organization helps us maintain the kind of environment that our clients can benefit the most from. We strive to be a service to each and every individual seeking our services, as well as to the community we reside within.

Meridian Behavioral Health’s Official Mission Statement

Meridian Behavioral Health strives to provide the highest quality mental health services possible to McHenry County and the surrounding communities. We seek to provide a warm, caring environment in which people seeking help feel valued, cared for and understood. We strongly favor “evidence-based” therapy, meaning services that have been demonstrated to be effective by the latest scientific research. Whenever possible, we collaborate with other healthcare professionals to integrate our therapy services into the overall care of the whole person. Meridian Behavioral Health is a community of mental health professionals that acts very much like a family, because we know that good care of our therapists fosters good focus on the care of their patients. Our Administrative staff strives to treat each person seeking help with compassion, warmth and a spirit of service, because we believe those things are important to each individual we work with.

Care for adults, children, and families.